ADHWÉ is west coast born and worldwide inspired clothing worn by the people who get hyped by their creativity, passion, selflessness, optimism, inspiring each other to overcome trials and living for the moments that make us modern day bad-asses!

Founded by this out west Arizonian Sommer


I grew up with plenty of "Nice to meet you, I am Winter" hand shakes and piled up stacks of year books filled with "Have a nice Summer, Sommer!" so I'd like to hear some new ones. In fact, if you read this and send me an Email or DM with the best one, I'll give ya something special.
I'm a 90's kid, I'm not 10 anymore but I sure like to think I am. I was born during the birth year of "True to This" aka of Volcom.  It was the most influential brand in my life. I used to find myself on school nights sketching drawings and submitting them to Volcom on their long gone art web page.
The 90's were also the rising of bands like Nirvana, Blink 182, N*sync, Eiffel 65, Britney Spears, Pearl Jam and Spice girls (Baby Spice here) the list could go on. You could find me with my VHS tapes recording MTV and VH1 music videos making a mix tape when those channels were still playing music. When I wasn't recording, I was busy with my Tamagotchi and setting up my first AOL aka AIM screen name when someone wasn't on the phone [damn dial up internet] watching Rugrats in the morning or Are you Afraid of The Dark? on school nights. Life was good back then mostly cause I wasn't required to have a day job but you get the point, the 90's were all things creative which are every part of me and ADHWÉ. 
I say Arizonian but really I'm from the smallest of town in New Mexico. I just tell people I'm a new kind of Mexican cause I'm a female walking breathing dad joke. I'm more Irish, Russian and Ashkenazim but I actually grew up in the Little Walnut Forest (not in a bears den but a mobile home which is sort of the same) In elementary we said the pledge in Español then in English. Same with all our school plays and all my extra curricular classes. Am I fluent now you ask? Hell no and I hate that but I can definitely manage to ask for the bathroom or cerveza and sing ya some Justin Bieber - Despacito on point. 
I moved to AZ in 2001 and aside from a few adventurous months in Louisiana, I've been here in AZ ever since. I found my passion for photography after moving here and the era of Myspace, entering contest at school, pulling all the high fashion photos from every magazine and making a mural on my wall and even photographing friends and families for free just because I loved it so much. I managed to convince this girl Megan [my first life long friend] that we needed to purchase the first industrial ride-shop skateboard we could get our broke hands on. We took turns riding around the neighborhood and practiced our Ollies and kick flips like we were determined to go pro and we were gonna be kickin' it with Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn [rip]. 
We grow up and think we know it all as we endure heart-break and loss but truth is we're always learning. I managed to graduate high-school early even though I was distracted in every class and impulsively steeling my sisters car to teach myself to drive, getting tattooed in apartment kitchens and breaking in the liver a little too hard out in the desert with my friends on the weekends [ sorry mom ] . 
There's lots of details in between 1991 and today that made me who I am but that's why ADHWÉ was born. There is beauty in mystery so I'm not revealing how I came up with the name just yet but I'll explain the story of what I want this brand to represent. 
ADHWÉ is for the person who gets hyped up for their passions which gives birth to "The Hyped Crowd". I'm not a pro surfer or a sponsored Olympian like others might be but its not always about the end goal or major accomplishments for everyone and that's what I want to embrace, the big and small things, to be present and grateful! I am creative and I'm always hyped to try new things. This also  comes with the fact that I'm 50% extrovert and 50% introvert. Many of us including myself have, had, or will have struggled with being a victim and depression but I found a way out and I turned it all around. I have found so much youth fullness in staying hyped. I created ADHWÉ to fashionably represent all of these things.
On that note friends, that's a door opened into my world that I want to share.
Stay strong, stay positive, embrace change and stay hyped!